• Elizabeth Tan (Housewife )
    I was convinced that no amount of exercises could remove the bulge at my tummy after my first child. Thankfully, I was referred to PhysioActive by my doctor after having a noticeable gap of over 2 fingers width apart between my rectus abdominis muscles. I could already see and feel the difference in just 6 weeks with Tamara – my tummy is almost back to being totally flat again!

Diastasis Recti (DRAM)

As a woman’s abdomen grows during pregnancy, Diastasis recti of the abdominal muscles (DRAM) can occur. This is a separation of the abdominal muscles along the line of connective tissue that runs down the centre of the abdomen. DRAM is often painful and may prevent you from engaging in regular exercise. The condition is very common – in fact, up to 60% of women suffer from some degree of DRAM.

In severe cases, DRAM can dramatically reduce your quality of life and cause you pain with normal daily activities. Exercise may be excruciating, and even simply transitioning from sitting to standing can be painful.

The PhysioActive Solution

Diastasis recti can usually heal without surgery. However, exercising and even normal sitting and standing can aggravate the condition and delay healing. We provide a comprehensive programme to promote healing of your abdominal muscles and prevent complications and delays. Furthermore, our expert physiotherapists will teach you proper body mechanics to avoid pain and worsening of your DRAM along with safe methods of exercise while you heal.

If you suspect you may have DRAM, call us now for help and a speedy recovery.