Physiotherapy can help you recover from conditions that affect your muscles, joints and soft tissues. Chronic pain and discomfort affect us all. This could stem from an active lifestyle. It could arise as we age. Even our sedentary lifestyle of sitting at our desk all day, can lead to chronic pain issues like neck pain and lower back pain. Physiotherapy can hep your body heal and help you gain a good quality of life.

Physiotherapy Services

Pain Relief & Management

Pain is more than annoying. It can diminish your quality of life and keep you from the activities you love. Whether your pain is recent or has been ongoing for years, our caring staff provides a variety of treatments to help get you pain-free and active again.

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Injury Treatment

Physiotherapy is especially appropriate for injury treatment, rehabilitation, and recuperation. At PhysioActive, we are injury experts. We will provide you with individualised care for your unique injury and lifestyle.

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Neck & Back Care

A huge number of people suffer from back pain from a number of causes, and neck problems are also growing increasingly common due to mobile device use. Let our experienced team help ease your pain and get your back and neck functioning properly and smoothly.

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Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Correct rehabilitation from knowledgeable medical professionals is crucial after surgery. The PhysioActive team will help speed along your recovery and rehabilitation in a safe and effective manner.

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Scoliosis Management

This abnormal curvature of the spine often appears during adolescence but can also manifest later in life. Scoliosis is may be painful and impair your activities. Our staff is very familiar with scoliosis and stands ready to offer you definitive diagnosis and outstanding treatment.

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Pediatric Physiotherapy

A creative approach to Physiotherapy! Our physiotherapists treat children related issues including musculoskeletal disorders such as Severs disease or Osgood-Schallter and neurological based disorders such as Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome.

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Osteoporosis Prevention & Treatment

Osteoporosis is bone weakening mainly due to mineral loss. This condition disproportionately affects older women and can lead to bone fractures and loss of mobility. Our expert staff offers in-depth advice for osteoporosis prevention and excellent treatment for osteoporosis-related injuries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which treatment type is right for me?

    We will help you make that decision based on the nature and severity of your problem. Our expert staff will guide you and we’ll find a therapy that works for your unique situation.

  • Can I have more than one type of therapy?

    While we constantly evaluate our patients to be sure they’re progressing, results are not instantaneous. Depending on your issue, it may take several therapy sessions to resolve your problem.

  • How many sessions will I need?

    Yes, we often combine different types of therapy to increase their effectiveness for our patients.

  • How many locations does PhysioActive have?

    We have three locations throughout the island for our patients’ convenience.

  • What are your staff’s qualifications?

    Our expert, international staff are fully trained and have many decades of combined experience. You can view staff credentials at
    We are the physiotherapy experts. Contact us now and receive compassionate, personalised care.

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