• Pramudio Kesai
    Great experience as a first timer. I barely waited to be helped when I arrived. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how Timothy really took his time to explain my daughter conditions with me as well as treatment options. I had a great visit and the theraphist’s demeanor has really put me at ease so I highly recommend this clinic. https://goo.gl/maps/6douFwpFMUzSnwNBA
  • Citra Amelinda
    After spending the whole year quarantining and doing everything online, my body started to stiffen. My muscles were so tense, I couldn't barely move without looking like an old rusty car.
    I began searching on the net for a place that were not only good at what they do but also put a very strict safety protocols. PhysioActive came up first on the list. I contacted them and filled up the registration online. I was handled by Ika and she did great. They also have this app where they put some exercises that can be done at home to speed up my recovery. I'm feeling so much better now.
    One thing that I really love about this place is the calm tropical ambience. It makes you forget that you actually are in a clinic.
    Not forget to mention the lady manager. Another client was scheduled almost at the same time with me. She handled this situation very well even though she was not there at the moment.
    I would give more than 5 stars
  • Olivia Giraud
    After more than 2 months suffering from a tennis elbow, I ended up going to physioactive for treatment. This was such a relief ! Timothy is very professional, attentive and patient to my explanations. His accurate questions to understand my pain made him choose the appropriate treatments each time ! He explains very well what is happening with the muscles and tissues , and what to do to recover. I appreciated a lot all his advices .!! Thank you 🙏 https://goo.gl/maps/NF1gp4Vo644RPBZK8
  • Samuel Niode
    recommended place for physiotherapy. The staffs were all friendly, professional services and effective. https://goo.gl/maps/xonKHcpaWicwzXpX6
  • Gill Hope
    Can’t praise them enough. Highly skilled physiotherapist. Brilliant service. https://goo.gl/maps/9UiMscK5WH2f5ei88
  • Cindy Fransisca
    Great experience with Andy. He explained the issue very clearly and gave exercises to do at home. The place is very clean and tidy too. Health protocols made me feel very safe there. https://goo.gl/maps/QJLu4chdSFg6Jwk29
  • Christian W
    Got introduced by my cousin, and very satisfied by their treatment, hospitality, profesionality, their treatment are slowly but safe and presission, and they also give me apps to help me to do training at home, very recommended https://goo.gl/maps/rPEKiC4vDKD5az247
  • Lasse Lindstrom (Sunday Runner )
    I enjoy running a lot but had to stop my favourite hobby due to an injury with my meniscus. I was already considering a knee operation but thanks to the fantastic and very professional help of PhysioActive, I was able to get back on the running track. It is amazing what can be done under the guidance of a skilled physiotherapist.
  • Matthew Tavares
    Fantastic quality of personnel… Well trained and able to get me back to function again. I will definitely recommend and return!!!!! https://goo.gl/maps/qycRyctBf1XRA8CRA
  • Yvonne Schuh
    I came here with horrible back pain and I couldn’t move. After a couple of sessions with Ika I am free of any pain and stiffness. She is a wonderful person and fantastic teacher. She explains everything exactly and very, very professional. Always open for questions. I can move again and I am very happy choosing Physioactive!
  • Kalub Emmons
    This is my first time receiving physical therapy and the staff have been extremely helpful and understanding. I was pretty nervous, but the professional attitudes of the staff were reassuring. I would recommend the services of PhysioActive and Timothy to anyone. Thanks!   https://goo.gl/maps/o9aQtgz5v86wujA28
  • Celine Goutama
    I am currently in the 7th week, post operation of meniscus repair, ACL Recon and ALL Recon, and have been doing physiotherapy with Mr Ferian in PhysioActive Dharmawangsa, twice a week, for 4 weeks now. My progress throughout the physiotherapy has been going really well that it even exceeded my expectations as Mr Ferian has been really professional and detailed with the at-venue exercises and at-home exercises. I'm thankful that Mr Ferian also thoroughly helped answer all my worries and questions for me to get a better understanding on everything. The receptionists are really nice, and the services that Physioactive Dharmawangsa provides are really satisfactory and helpful. The place is very neat and clean, giving off an aesthetic yet also calm ambience. Definitely recommending PhysioActive Dharmawangsa for those who are searching for physiotherapy sessions with professional physiotherapists 😊👍 https://goo.gl/maps/FxqfcH7KE6U9mDMg7
  • Montserrat Alejandra Fuentes Carrasco
  • Walter Ojeda
    I totally recommend this place for any kind of physiotherapy needed. The place is super clean and all the staff are very professional. My therapies were done always on time. Ibu Ika, treated me with tennis elbow pain. I went to many places before and did not see any results. I have been treated by her for a couple of session and i am almost 100% pain free. She is cordial, professional and sweet. Dont hesitate to get an appointment if you are looking into this place services. https://goo.gl/maps/KdKxMa79TEia6wMu9

Injury Treatment

Injuries can slow you down and cause you pain. Left untreated, they may also worsen and turn into chronic problems. In time, injuries can even limit your motion, movement, and ability to walk, exercise, or play sports. This is true whatever the cause of your injury.

The PhysioActive Solution

Make sure you choose experts for your injury care so that you recuperate faster without lasting issues. At PhysioActive, we specialise in effectively treating both acute – or sudden – injuries as well as injuries that have slowly developed over time. These include injuries from accidents or other trauma, sports injuries, and repetitive use injuries. A few examples are:

Our Goals

Our physiotherapy aims are simple:

1. To Reduce Your Pain
2. To Restore Your Movement
3. To Get You to Maximum Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if my injury is serious enough to see a Physiotherapist?

    It can be hard to decide what symptoms are serious enough to justify making an appointment.

    Online health sites can help you to research your symptoms before contacting a health professional but remember, many conditions have similar symptoms.

    If you are feeling lost, unsure or amiss, call us for advice and book an appointment to put your mind at ease.

  • Can injuries be prevented?

    Preventing injuries sometimes just takes a little thought and time.

    By taking another look at your environment and lifestyle, you can respond to potential risks and keep situations manageable.

    Sports injuries in particular, can also be prevented by preparing your body for the level of intensity. Overuse injuries and traumatic injuries can be avoided by using proper techniques and engaging in Strength & Conditioning Training.

  • What types of treatment will I receive?

    The types of treatment that you receive will depend on your condition. Your physiotherapist might utilise a variety of treatment techniques, such as:

  • Why does bad weather make my old injury hurt?

    Research has shown that bad weather causes a drop in atmospheric pressure, which makes soft tissue swell and fluid around the joints expand. The expansion and contraction of muscles can also irritate damaged nerves (from old injuries) and cause pain. It is therefore important to receive appropriate treatment for your injury to prevent further complications.

  • Are there any home care tips for my acute injury?

    The R.I.C.E procedure is an industry-validated approach for the treatment of acute injuries such as a sprain or strain.

    • Rest
    • Ice
    • Compression
    • Elevation

    The primary goal of R.I.C.E. is to bring pain and swelling under control as quickly as possible.

    If you are feeling lost, unsure or amiss, call us for advice and book an appointment to put your mind at ease.