• Mabel Chong
    After my shoulder surgery, I requested through my orthopaedic specialist for a physio centre that could help me rehabilitate to playing golf in 6 months. Working through my recovery with PhysioActive has been an eye-opener! My therapist walks me through every detail from day one and works hands-on tirelessly for every session. I’ve undergone treatment with many physio centres in the past year but PhysioActive is the one that truly delivers the term: PATIENT CARE.
  • Frank Moniaga
    A review about PhysioActive Physiotherapy Clinic, in South Jakarta. My name is Frank Moniaga, 76 yrs., and a member since 8 weeks. I joined a couple of days after being released from the hospital, post my total left hip replacement and it is a pleasure to share my positive experience. After I booked, gone thru the first stage of 10 sessions at the clinic and at home doing my daily web-guided exercises, it is amazing how quick I experience recovery in regaining motion, function, strength, balance and control on most of my body movements. With my trainer therapist, we established a target right from the beginning of me being able to go back to the tennis- and golf-course after the 10th. week. After this first stage and despite the fast recovery, I still decided to continue with a few more sessions in order to make sure, that the new replacement joint is united with my body in the right and natural way. Now having still a few sessions to go and with my daily web-based training being regularly stepped up, I must say that this physio-therapeutic rehabilitation program at Physio Active, Jakarta has been worth the investment. My trainer therapist, a friendly well trained young professional, educated at an international well known institution abroad, has not only given me back my body movement but also a comprehensive understanding about the anatomy, physiology and its relationship to the human body. This in turn has formed in me an important part of my motivation to keep on doing these boring physio-exercises. And last but not least, the clinic is modernly well equipped, clean and its staff nice, friendly and pleasant. Jakarta, January 24’22. https://goo.gl/maps/ZPi3NbRQvvBC8WYm6
  • Celine Goutama
    I am currently in the 7th week, post operation of meniscus repair, ACL Recon and ALL Recon, and have been doing physiotherapy with Mr Ferian in PhysioActive Dharmawangsa, twice a week, for 4 weeks now. My progress throughout the physiotherapy has been going really well that it even exceeded my expectations as Mr Ferian has been really professional and detailed with the at-venue exercises and at-home exercises. I'm thankful that Mr Ferian also thoroughly helped answer all my worries and questions for me to get a better understanding on everything. The receptionists are really nice, and the services that Physioactive Dharmawangsa provides are really satisfactory and helpful. The place is very neat and clean, giving off an aesthetic yet also calm ambience. Definitely recommending PhysioActive Dharmawangsa for those who are searching for physiotherapy sessions with professional physiotherapists 😊👍 https://goo.gl/maps/FxqfcH7KE6U9mDMg7
  • Luciana Lukhi
    I had knees athroscopy and was never told by my doctor that the recovery would be like this. First coming here to Physio Active Dharmawangsa in July 2022, I was at my lowest point, it was 6 weeks after my surgery. I had a lot of limitation ,I was not able to bend and straighten my leg in normal range, felt stiff all around my knees and the hardest part was I often experienced knee locking in almost every move. These limitations caused difficulties in my daily activities. I met Ferian then in July 2022 ,he was not just the therapist who assisted me with the physical therapy but he has a good knowledge about my medical issue. He helped me patiently and really supported me through my tough times. I have made significant progress by now, I am now able to walk normally and my flexibility almost came back to normal. I just recently returned from a long trip from the UK and US, that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it this soon. Thank you Physio Active team, great therapist, great staff (Winne and Indi) who make patients feel welcome and comfortable. https://goo.gl/maps/fdHJQ7oAPD8k835W9
  • Khalid Saleem
    I have nothing but praise for the management and staff at PhysioActive. I have been going there for Physiotherapy for more than 12 months now and am impressed with the proactive attitude, understanding, diagnosis capabilities, professionalism and care that I have received throughout, which have helped me in overcoming a major health and wellbeing issue. I am happy to recommend PhysioActive to anyone looking for physiotherapy and other health related services. https://goo.gl/maps/wL7hSD4CvfsDrdDq8

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

If you’ve undergone surgery for an orthopaedic issue – even if the operation was years ago – you may have lingering pain, dysfunction, or other difficulties. These problems can limit your activities and keep you from realising your full physical potential. Fortunately, professional physiotherapy is an excellent way to address chronic pain and raise your quality of life.

The PhysioActive Solution

Rehabilitation after a surgical procedure is a delicate process that requires training and experience. At PhysioActive, our expert physiotherapists provide this valuable rehabilitation to all of our patients, no matter the nature of their orthopaedic surgery. For effective, caring post-surgical care in Jakarta, PhysioActive is the obvious choice.

We understand that you’re often feeling at your worst after a surgical procedure and want nothing more than to get better. This is why we employ many therapy techniques for post-surgical care, customised to your individual situation and needs. Our physiotherapists are gentle, caring, and committed to your rapid recovery. Our staff will constantly monitor your progress and work with you as partners in your rehabilitation. At PhysioActive we’re with you every step of the way in your post-surgical care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I do not go for Physiotherapy after my surgery?

    Your surgeon may have skilfully performed a surgical procedure but that is just the initial step towards a successful recovery.

    Research has repeatedly shown that Physiotherapy is one of the keys to a true recovery by helping you to fully regain your strength, flexibility, and function.

    You may also have to contend with residual pain or other symptoms after your surgery. A physiotherapist can help you to manage your pain and control those symptoms with other treatment methods such as clinical massage.

    At PhysioActive, we also conduct home visits for patients who find it inconvenient to move around after their surgery.

  • How long does rehabilitation take?

    There are many factors that can contribute to your recovery time, including the severity of your condition and the type of procedure.

    During your first appointment, your physiotherapist will provide a plan of care and discuss short and long-term goals.

    The rehabilitation process plays a crucial role in helping you to restore full function so don’t take it lightly.

  • How will you work with my doctor to ensure the fastest and best possible recovery?

    Our physiotherapists have experience working with a wide network of doctors and surgeons. We often work hand in hand with the extended medical network to provide holistic patient care.

    You are also advised to bring along your referral letters, medical records, and medical imaging such as X-rays if any, during your first appointment.

  • My doctor recommended Physiotherapy before my surgery. Do you have specialists for this?

    Yes. Our physiotherapists can be your biggest ally during the “pre-hab” process.

    Patients who participate in a pre-surgical rehabilitation program tend to regain function and return to their daily lives faster than others who do not participate in pre-surgical rehabilitation.

  • Can I prevent surgery with Physiotherapy?

    Studies have shown that physiotherapy is just as effective as surgery for healing meniscal tears or mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis.

    While many types of knee injuries tend to be treatable without surgery, including MCL, PCL, and cartilage tears, every case is different. The need for surgery also depends on your level of activity. For instance, ACL reconstruction may be the best bet for a football player.

    As a general rule (for knee conditions), researchers have suggested that if you are experiencing major pain but can move your leg, consider physiotherapy first. If you have good range of motion, physiotherapy may very well settle down the symptoms over time.