• Barbara Tenius
    I was operated on my right knee and since I was not allowed to put any weight on the operated leg for a further month, my therapist came 3 times a week to my house to treat me with lymphatic drainage and physiotherapy. Without the professional knowledge of my therapist I would not be where I am now. The constant mental support also helps me to get better and better.
  • Christian Zott
    After having surgery to repair torn tendons in my elbow several weeks ago, I had various physical therapy treatments at home in Germany and was frustrated because nothing seemed to really work. While on a business trip recently to Singapore, I had treatment sessions with Mira in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Not only is she very welcoming and friendly, she also really knows what she is doing! Only two appointments with Mira got me way further on my road to recovery than all the appointments put together back home.
  • Katharine Enock
    I had over 3 months of massage treatment with Mira following a ski accident and long-term pain in my upper back and neck. She worked closely with my physio and was extremely helpful in explaining my injury and what I could do to improve. I am now pain free and cannot thank her enough for all her help. It really is life-changing and I would recommend her to anyone needing sports massage for an injury.
  • Doris Martin
    I have been having water retention in both of my legs due to a hormonal imbalance. I have already seen a vast improvement after a few treatments by Mira with Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Mira carefully applies gentle strokes and soft pumping motions on my legs to stimulate the lymphs in order to drain the water from the body through the lymph nodes. She is very thorough and careful with her treatments and explains what she is doing beforehand. I can definitely recommend Mira, she is very professional and competent with a very friendly disposition.
  • Selina Shen
    I accidentally strained my hamstring just a few days before heading for hiking, thanks to Mira, she helped me to get my hamstring back on track by massage. Now I’ve done the hiking and my hamstring didn’t bother me at all. Thank you Mira for your time and effort! Will definitely recommend you to my friends!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system aids in eliminating waste from your body. This system sometimes clogs or becomes sluggish, particularly after surgery or injury. When this happens, swelling often occurs. This swelling can be accompanied by pain which often times radiates through the lower limbs.

The Expert PhysioActive Approach

The goal of lymphatic drainage massage is to encourage your lymphatic system to drain more efficiently and quickly, thus reducing both swelling and pain. This is achieved at PhysioActive by specialised techniques performed by our trained and experienced massage therapists.

Lymphatic drainage massage is not an especially deep massage. It focuses on the lymph nodes. While you have lymph nodes throughout your body, they are clustered in certain areas – like under the arms and in the neck.

Additionally, any oedema – or swelling – will need to be addressed. If you have swelling in a limb, your massage therapist will likely do extensive work on this area to promote lymph drainage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will lymphatic drainage massage stop future swelling?

    That depends on the cause of your swelling. Temporary swelling will likely resolve, but lymphatic drainage massage will not correct the underlying issue in more serious cases of oedema.

  • What are some possible causes of lower limb swelling?

    Swelling in the feet and legs can be caused by pregnancy, prolonged standing, compromised blood flow to the lower limbs, and other conditions. We can assess your condition during the initial consultation.

  • Can lymphatic drainage massage help me aesthetically?

    Yes, lymphatic drainage massage can help you look less swollen and fit better into shoes and clothing.

  • Can I have lymphatic drainage massage if I’m pregnant?

    Yes, our therapists are skilled in working on pregnant patients. Simply let your therapist know that you’re pregnant before your massage.

  • How long will my massage last?

    We have several durations to choose from so that you pick the time that’s right for you.

    While chronic swelling can limit your mobility and cause anxiety, there is help available. Contact our experts at PhysioActive to reserve your lymphatic drainage massage appointment today.