• Sahil Nathani
    Super set-up & phenomenal physios! https://maps.app.goo.gl/BBJGBQg8AhScSXTD9
  • Amy Kartadinata
    I am satisfied with PhysioActive Physiotherapy Centre. The friendly staffs, no wait time, the place was very clean that it makes me comfortable and clear improvement on my joints. Highly recommended! https://goo.gl/maps/eqKLxFXH21S3AbjN9
  • Prima Nyssa Dini Siregar
    Terima kasih physioactive, setelah beberapa tahun yg saya rasakan bahu selalu tegang akhirnya saya coba fisioterapi disini karna sudah jadi cedera di bagian rotary cuff. Setelah fisioterapi tidur sangat nyenyak untuk pertama kalinya dan bangun tidur sudah tidak tegang lg. https://goo.gl/maps/LMaDFaz2w5BWmkARA
  • Shanker Kathigasu
    I would highly recommend this place. My physiotherapy, Ms. Ika is very professional .She able to explain and apply technique which is very efficient and unique. I was having issue with my lower back, after the treatment i felt better. https://goo.gl/maps/tyBYsmwtBPRnHJhq8
  • Gregorius Denya
    Very recommended. The exercise program made by Mr Ferian is very useful. He also give some post treatment tips and advice to avoid recurring injury. Thank you PhysioActive! https://goo.gl/maps/wSmWzbvrxNBVmswS6
  • Intan Hadidinata
    Excellent physiotherapy clinic. Professional service and kind therapists. Good WA response. Was recommended Mba Ika and she did not disappoint. Knowledgable, kind and informative. Will be going back for more treatment as the first one already helped so much! https://goo.gl/maps/ZRm2DAR4K2LQPi6S8
  • Kathy ngo
  • Jessica Rusadi
    totally recommend this place! my husband had a stiff and painful muscle on his back for more than 2 years. we have gone to a few of physiotherapy clincis and even to the hospital, and it didn’t get any better at all. Until we went here, even after the first session, he already felt so much better. And our physiotherapist Timothy said we didn’t have to come back after the second session. Definitely not money oriented, because i know some places usually ask us to come several times on purpose. https://goo.gl/maps/9ifHnkSG3MyjLUQx6
  • Lenah Susianty
    Very friendly and professional. Dina who looked after me is very knowledgeable. I trusted her completely. I recommend this place and Dina especially. https://goo.gl/maps/WhxcJyEPNrHa1jZW9
  • Dina Angkawibawa
  • Stephen Chendra
    Went here 2 times in total and all I can say my muscle issues are getting better. Recommended place with a great service from the staffs and physiotherapist https://goo.gl/maps/ntf9CiPpkcmcUJk86
  • Ruben Hattari
    Thank you for the super treatment and friendly service. I injured my shoulder and neck from excessive workout - extremely gladful that Ika, my therapist, was able to sort out the pain after 2 treatments. PhysioActive Dharmawangsa is highly recommended for anyone recovering from sporting injuries or simply want to look after their physique. https://goo.gl/maps/fj3CsPh7EgaJ6d3c7
  • Merry Couper
    It’s been my third sessions here and Kak Ferian was so helpful with his skill and professionalism and also the exercises. He has helped me with lower back problem and my tennis elbow. Hopefully after I completed my sessions I will feel even better. Thank you. https://goo.gl/maps/QMzVnWVXGNjqvSMk8
  • Trisha Kirpalani
    physioactive is not only a physiology center that strives to assist those in pain, but it is a life changing experience that will never make you reconsider your decision. for the last eight years ive struggled with backaches and neck/shoulder aches. from chiropractors to essential oils, nothing could fix it. there were temporary solutions that numbed the pain, however the pain would bounce back stronger after twenty minutes. i never believed in physiotherapy. i thought it was for old people and it was useless, time consuming and not worth the money. After 1 session at physioactive jakarta, i knew i was 80% better. the workers there are kind and supportive and truly care about your wellbeing & health. they want you to be disciplined for YOU and your health. i will stop flying to singapore for my physiological check ups because i found a perfect one here: physioactive. https://goo.gl/maps/saiTKCsvbguRsoJy5
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth
    I think it is one of the best physiotherapy in Jakarta (at least better than Physio M*****l C****c). Going there for 2x already but can feel the difference from day 1. The dry needle technique from Bu Ika is really help me to reduce my neck stiffness. Still need going there to relieve pain on my arms. She is able to find out the problem although in my case, there might be more than one root causes but still better than not finding anything. Love how they apply the technology as part of their service. We can see our exercises that need to be done on the app. It is really helpful (although it needs some improvement). The receiptionist is wonderful too. Meet 2 different people and both are great at service. Love on how they treat us and offer us a drink https://goo.gl/maps/J6uxowjwGSxupbBD8
  • Fellow Otring
    Staff: Friendly and prompt in their response. Therapist: Professional and knowledgeable. Management: Genuinely care about fast recovery. Place: Clinical. https://maps.app.goo.gl/cowNib7EijnVxpwS6
  • Debora Ulibasa
    Highly recommend Physioactive for your physiotherapy and Abi as a great theraphist! Manage to recover from sacrolitis by doing regular therapy session at Physioactive. Abi was a great therapist, helping thoroughly with recovery and exercise at the clinic and at home. It was a great experience overall! https://maps.app.goo.gl/p1qHxCxFh3TnPyj26
  • Stevanie Herlambang
    This place is amazing! I was struggling with neck pain for years and after seeing Mrs Ika just a couple times she completely fixed it, She made my recovery a priority with frequent follow-ups and useful home exercises. She also showed me how to help prevent the same injuries occurring in the future. Everyone there is super lovely as well and make booking appointments so easy - couldn't recommend this place enough! Definitely i had a great experience. https://goo.gl/maps/JiBe1cEq4JjRuc5Y6
  • Matthijs Laban
    I needed treatment for a sprained ankle when visiting Jakarta. PhysioActive was able to get me scheduled on short notice, very professional treatment by friendly qualified staff and most importantly the result was excellent! I can highly recommend them. https://maps.app.goo.gl/vpiQQAd1ensdEe9c7
  • Rosanty Widjaja
    Saat pertama kali saya datang ke PhysioActive Dharmawangsa, saya memiliki keluhan di pinggul kanan dan bahu kanan. Suprisingly baru pertama kali ditangani oleh fisio nya saya merasakan much better. Lalu saat pertemuan kedua, saya pun merasa jauh lebih baik dari kondisi saya yang pertama. Saat ini saya sudah merasa sembuh. Fisio yang menangani saya adalah Ika, menurut saya Ika orang yang sabar dalam menghadapi pasien, mau mendengarkan tentang keluhan dari pasien dan ramah. Ika percaya diri tau apa yg harus dilakukan saat menyampaikan dan menjelaskan step by step mengenai kondisi saya dan tentunya mengobati saya. Sukses terus Ika & Physioactive 💪💪 https://maps.app.goo.gl/gkYZHgSHGmSKw3QEA
  • Trisya Rakmawati
    The clinic is clean, and comfy. The friendly and attentive staff welcomed me with hospitality and send schedule reminder and the necessary administrative documents, timely. My physiotherapist is Dina. She assesses my joint issues and suggests effective to-do-at-home exercise which I feel very useful. https://maps.app.goo.gl/hX9i1WBtzzGAnD1n8
  • Ralph Go
    I am more than happy to have visited PhysioActive, after a friend of mine advised me to try it out having a great experience herself. I had a shoulder/elbow injury that did not seem to go away even when trying physio before at East West. Initially, I was not keen on trying another physio, cause previous experience was "you pay a lot, but no result". From the start when I called for an appointment, the professionalism was felt. I got clear instructions on my first visit, who to meet and a WhatsApp message to reconfirm. The reception on premises was great too, very friendly low key greet and a good cup of coffee. My therapist, Yoshi, was fantastic. She took time to figure out where my injury could have come from, explained what would happen in the sessions and gave a rough but accurate prediction when my injury would be healed. What I appreciated very much was: 1. Her English is absolutely fluent and she has great communication skills. 2. She was very open and took time for any questions. 3. Her professionalism throughout my treatment was spot on. Something really good as well is the app they use including videos of exercises you ought to do at home. Super helpful and easy to use. Another big plus; they helped me with my claims for the insurance, fantastic customer service. Definitely recommending this place to anyone in need of physio treatment, so far each time I recommend them to friends and family, it seems they already heard positive stories which underlines why they are "the best in" not just "the talk of" town. https://maps.app.goo.gl/KiXATjgr4FLAtjwTA
  • Ratria Budiendra
    One day i felt a sharp pain on my lower back and was rushed to the hospital, couldn't move because every slight movement was very painful. After 7 days in the hospital, my MRI scan shows that I have a buldging disc and a straight spine. I was looking for a long term solution and eager to get my life normal again. My sister's doctor in Singapore recommended PhysioActive at Dharmawangsa Square and instantly after the first session with Ratih I booked the 10 sessions package. The first day I told her that everything I do was painful from sitting down, standing up, walking and even taking a shower. Ratih gave me confidence that I am able to overcome this without any external tools/equipment, just my own body. We started day 1 with re-learning how to utilize my core muscle and she gave me a set of homeworks through an app. Now I am on my 8th session and able to walk, go up and down stairs, pick up things on the floor and feel like a normal person again. Ratih's excellent knowledge and communication skills boost my confident to overcome the pain. Thank you Physioactive!! Ratria - Jakarta (33yo) https://maps.app.goo.gl/bm8Visg6a4c9YqvKA
  • Prita Prawirohardjo
    Excellent service, cozy place, highly recommended! https://maps.app.goo.gl/XtuBxTnNSgZ2v2yG6
  • Karen Atkinson
    Amazing service at PhysioActive. I has an ACL tear just before COVID and Timothy got me back on my feet so I was active until I could go for surgery. Post surgery I was running after 4 months - brilliant! Thanks Timothy. https://goo.gl/maps/v4Lj4KDyBB3HAH4J8
  • Zara Niehorster
    Really good experience here. They were ready for us when we arrived. Daughter saw Tim who was friendly and professional. Massage, ultrasound and exercises all within the appointment + app installed on her phone to assist with exercises after. https://goo.gl/maps/ceSo2SWupVJqaUd87
  • Benedikta Baart
    First I learned about Physio Active in Singapore as I was a patient there as well. Once in Jakarta I was really happy to find Physio Active here and I would like to recommend the clinic and especially terapist Timothy because he continously helped me incredibly much with all the back problems and pain I had. Arriving at the clinic was always very welcoming and heart warming, very nice and personal atmosphere and great service (more than 5 stars 🌟👏) You can fully trust Physio Active and you will be in the best hands ever... I will miss all the great people working there as I am leaving Jakarta at the end of the year. All the best for the clinic and the team Benedikta https://goo.gl/maps/Es77pnpZxfMPLRpK8
  • Kartika Dewi
    Great service from start to finish. Smooth booking process, great friendly staff at the front and my physio, Dina is so patient, articulate and knowledgable. Overall 5/5! Highly recommended. https://goo.gl/maps/gg66nYANSghDKnDP8
  • Dennis Sugono
    I've recently underwent a meniscus operation in singapore and just got back to Indonesia. The doctor in charge had given me a handout about detail instructions on post meniscal repair procedures and that i should seek assistance from local physiotherapy/sport doctor. And Let me tell you why i am really glad that i've found this clinic, first of all GREAT COMMUNICATION it took only a few minutes before the admins reply to your whatsapp messages. Secondly, the EXPERIENCE is seamless as I did not need to give detail explanation and that all i did was given them the handout from my doctor and they instantly knows exactly what i need for my post operation recovery. Third and is the most important is the KNOWLEDGE that the therapists posessed and the way they have explain it , so that a non-medical background person like me can totally understand what the procedures are all about. Lastly, they have this Mobile app that function as a reminder for us at home on what the exercises we need to do and this is really convenient and practical. Overall my experience with this clinic has been a blast, and i highly recommend this place for anyone who are currently looking for physiotheraphy assistance. Special shoutout for my two great theraphists Mr.Ferian and Ms.Dinah : keep up the good work you guys are doing an amazing job. https://goo.gl/maps/xV7zqaJAbJN2VBMh8
  • Sylvia Justana
    Saya pernah kena frozen shoulder thn 2016. Setelah 2 tahun berobat ke dr syaraf, fisioterapi & akupunktur, cedera bahu saya tidak pernah benar2 bisa sembuh sempurna & meninggalkan sedikit keterbatasan fisik. Biasanya cedera bahu saya sering berulang di tempat yang sama & makin lama makin meluas sampai ke leher dan kepala. Pertama kali bertemu Timothy, saya dites melakukan beberapa gerakan untuk menilai keterbatasan fisik saya. Lalu Timothy menjelaskan secara cepat & terperinci dengan gambar anatomy tubuh menggunakan ipad, sehingga saya dapat memahami permasalahan yang saya alami. Jauh lebih paham dijelaskan oleh Timothy daripada para dokter yang saya kunjungi pada tahun2 sebelumnya. Biasanya setelah selesai terapi, kita dianjurkan untuk melakukan latihan sendiri di rumah yang dapat dipantau melalui sebuah aplikasi. Saya sangat terbantu oleh Timothy dan juga latihan2 fisik yang dilakukan di rumah. Timothy tahu persis titik2 mana yang perlu diterapi sehingga proses terapi termasuk cepat dan efektif. Para staf dan manager klinik sangat ramah. Kliniknya bersih dan tidak terasa seperti klinik pada umumnya. Ada area gym kecil agar terapis dapat membantu kita untuk melakukan gerakan2 latihan di rumah. Kalau nilai tertinggi sebesar 5, saya ingin memberikan nilai 6 bahkan 7. https://goo.gl/maps/QHybSKW3dSdo47by6    
  • Gorby Simangunsong
    Great service! The therapist was great in explaining my injury and how to deal with it. Great customer service as well. Keep it up! https://goo.gl/maps/C4Szt3W5gs6usK8s9
  • Daniel Schoenert
    Best experience, great service and therapists. Getting life quality back, being fitter and healthier. https://goo.gl/maps/PnYQH6dpuuTjfuYj9
  • Jamalul Izza
    Pelayanan nya bagus dan dua kali kesini masalah nya jadi baik, sangat rekomendasi. https://goo.gl/maps/6iAMM5QgwUeEzRTJ7
  • Julie Stalker
    So very grateful for the wholistic approach taken by my physio. An amazingly professional and friendly business of talented physios. Aways much better after being there. Thankyou, Julie. https://goo.gl/maps/1633SybV6feUkRie9  
  • Bernardus Martin
    Good place, very friendly and helpful staff. Timothy was also very helpful during the session and on suggesting simple home exercises https://goo.gl/maps/ScLYBHpZdv51Kbf76
  • Luciana Lukhi
    I had knees athroscopy and was never told by my doctor that the recovery would be like this. First coming here to Physio Active Dharmawangsa in July 2022, I was at my lowest point, it was 6 weeks after my surgery. I had a lot of limitation ,I was not able to bend and straighten my leg in normal range, felt stiff all around my knees and the hardest part was I often experienced knee locking in almost every move. These limitations caused difficulties in my daily activities. I met Ferian then in July 2022 ,he was not just the therapist who assisted me with the physical therapy but he has a good knowledge about my medical issue. He helped me patiently and really supported me through my tough times. I have made significant progress by now, I am now able to walk normally and my flexibility almost came back to normal. I just recently returned from a long trip from the UK and US, that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it this soon. Thank you Physio Active team, great therapist, great staff (Winne and Indi) who make patients feel welcome and comfortable. https://goo.gl/maps/fdHJQ7oAPD8k835W9
  • Khalid Saleem
    I have nothing but praise for the management and staff at PhysioActive. I have been going there for Physiotherapy for more than 12 months now and am impressed with the proactive attitude, understanding, diagnosis capabilities, professionalism and care that I have received throughout, which have helped me in overcoming a major health and wellbeing issue. I am happy to recommend PhysioActive to anyone looking for physiotherapy and other health related services. https://goo.gl/maps/wL7hSD4CvfsDrdDq8
  • Yusak Yosefianus
    I was recommended by my friend to try this one. They have great therapist and customer service. They are expert on what they're doing. Help me to get to know my posture problem and how to fix it. Recommended to try. https://goo.gl/maps/nHGdG6nE87kEuyZs7
  • Vicky Ratnani
    I find the physiotherapist at physioactive to be very professional, knowledgable and patient. Prior to my sessions they thoroughly diagnosed and carefully studied my medical reports. This enabled them to choose the correct program to help me gain my strength, mobility and movement. As I commenced my core strengthening with Diogo, his profound knowledge on handling my condition was exceptional. I feel stronger and more confident in my mobility. The place is always clean, hygienic and comfortable ensuring I am in good hands. I would highly recommend physioactive to one and all. https://goo.gl/maps/oq5sBhWCqntihnVn8
  • Frank Moniaga
    A review about PhysioActive Physiotherapy Clinic, in South Jakarta. My name is Frank Moniaga, 76 yrs., and a member since 8 weeks. I joined a couple of days after being released from the hospital, post my total left hip replacement and it is a pleasure to share my positive experience. After I booked, gone thru the first stage of 10 sessions at the clinic and at home doing my daily web-guided exercises, it is amazing how quick I experience recovery in regaining motion, function, strength, balance and control on most of my body movements. With my trainer therapist, we established a target right from the beginning of me being able to go back to the tennis- and golf-course after the 10th. week. After this first stage and despite the fast recovery, I still decided to continue with a few more sessions in order to make sure, that the new replacement joint is united with my body in the right and natural way. Now having still a few sessions to go and with my daily web-based training being regularly stepped up, I must say that this physio-therapeutic rehabilitation program at Physio Active, Jakarta has been worth the investment. My trainer therapist, a friendly well trained young professional, educated at an international well known institution abroad, has not only given me back my body movement but also a comprehensive understanding about the anatomy, physiology and its relationship to the human body. This in turn has formed in me an important part of my motivation to keep on doing these boring physio-exercises. And last but not least, the clinic is modernly well equipped, clean and its staff nice, friendly and pleasant. Jakarta, January 24’22. https://goo.gl/maps/ZPi3NbRQvvBC8WYm6
  • Cla Lisca Suyanto
    Lila is very friendly and professional and pretty.. 🤣🤣🤣 Michelle is very friendly and helpful also.. Well, Timothy is the best one I’ve known... physioactive is like my second home now... hahhahahahaha.... cause they make me feel like family and really friendly...Especially Tim, the way he stretch and massage me are spot on and he gave me homework to do it at home too with their app.. so helpful... thank you guys for helping me from the start.... https://goo.gl/maps/LXvxj8Xob84ThJbc7
  • Puneet Suri
    Have visited this centre for severe back pain due to muscle spasms and an injured knee + heel. Ibu Ika helped me recover and gain strength in the weak areas as mentioned. She is very professional, has a very positive attitude and understands body dynamics extremely well. https://goo.gl/maps/bcpD3kmL7xctBZ6S7
  • Mona Lim
    The place is clean ad comfortable.. the physiotherapist Mr. Timothy is so kind and friendly
  • Moritz Wolf
    I like going to PhysioActive, because the therapists are always very confident that they can help their patients. Even though Diana is sometimes very tough on me with the exercises, I feel better after the treatment. Also, the staff members at the reception are very friendly and always creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere. They are always helpful with making new appointments and trying to accommodate our preferred time slots.
  • Rishikesh Kulkarni
    Great location for Physiotherapy! Went here for ACL recovery.
    Physiotherapy: Timothy was an absolute pro, was able to quickly diagnose my knee issue on the remote consultation, and decided it was best to come into the center. Attended multiple sessions and Timothy walked me through the underlying problems and came up with a roadmap for recovery. They use an app which contains guided exercises and Timothy would select certain exercises for me to do till the next session. I didn't use the app much, but Timothy was clear with his instruction so I just did the exercises. Apart from just physiotherapy for my ACL, I learnt a lot about how my muscles work, and what I can do to ensure a safe and better workout in the future - hats off to Timothy for his exemplar work! Will visit here again after a month for a check-in to get cleared to start running/playing basketball, but I left regular sessions after Timothy was confident that it was healing (approx 5-6 sessions) and gave me a set of exercises to do.
    Admin: The team was very cordial at all times in the center, and always had a smile and glass of water ready. Scheduling timings was a breeze, they were available on WhatsApp and very accomodative.
    Center and facilities: Good center with adequate equipment for my recovery. In my sessions, I used the ultrasound machine, some machine which sent electrical shocks, and the freeweights.
    Accessibility: Is generally wheelchair accessible, but I noticed during my sessions that the mall itself would open by 9, so there would be no power to elevator or escalator. So please book after 9 if this is concern for you.
  • Radinda Kush
    The best physio in town i'v ever met, the staff are really hv like an impeccable manners and helpful. They have 3 phisyo and 2 trainer (cmiiw). Although They hv US and several macchine for therapy, treatment mostly use physical training and massage / releasing muscle. I'm patient with Hnp grade 1 and several muscle injuries and handled by mrs. Ika, a senior physio. Actually I already tried several different physio place, but mrs ika is the best, I thought she has a magical hand, she release my very sore muscle with minimum pain, but maximum result. After 5 met I felt really far better. They also give exercise by an app and you can make free consultation on the app. Mrs ika also allow me reach her by Whatsapp for further consultation. Even I still not injury free now, but i know visiting physio active is a right choices! https://goo.gl/maps/q2MbgncFpseLLegy6
  • Kalsa Naira
    Highly recommend this place! I suffered with scoliosis and a lot of back pain and just after a few sessions, Ms. Ika has managed to fix my body posture and relieve my back pain. The home exercises she assigned are very helpful too! Everyone here is so kind and lovely, and the place has great hospitality and service overall. Really enjoyed my experience here. Thank you! https://goo.gl/maps/6rBYjNmzgZHBienC6
  • Franck Passillier
    Excellent treatments, fully dedicated teams and very attentive. I do recommend PhysioActive, your online application to exercise at home is a must. Keep going! Franck   https://goo.gl/maps/CJ6ptQAyV5M1sKmc8
  • Kalub Emmons
    This is my first time receiving physical therapy and the staff have been extremely helpful and understanding. I was pretty nervous, but the professional attitudes of the staff were reassuring. I would recommend the services of PhysioActive and Timothy to anyone. Thanks!   https://goo.gl/maps/o9aQtgz5v86wujA28
  • Nadia Putri
    A review months late but here we go. The overall experience is really great. We had sessions with Timothy. He communicates with you and listens to you. This place is our go-to. https://goo.gl/maps/bK7Waap8ijQpmkv97
  • Jacob Fourie
    Highly recommend PhysioActive, I suffered from severe shoulder pain for 3 months and Tim had me fixed in one session and gave me exercises to practice on. Honestly this is the most professional and friendliest place you can go. https://goo.gl/maps/UYTmkW5eWFtRx2c56
  • Ihsanuddin Usman
    Great service and well experienced physiotherapist. Very recommended https://goo.gl/maps/xsBk63Fktedt8MvC8
  • Anargya Rasya Alanza
    One of the best Physiotherapy i've ever went to. https://goo.gl/maps/a1NToqgrKLxgf4sV8
  • Kristanto Parulian
    Perfect place to fixed your aching and stiff joints. The place is perfect, super clean and the staffs are very professional. The 1st time, wasn't sure if I came to the right place to fix my aching amd stiff joints, but I end up keep coming to fix even minor aching that I feel 😁 Very helpful and recommended. https://goo.gl/maps/uLgZdBNhKm4sa7TRA
  • Celine Goutama
    I am currently in the 7th week, post operation of meniscus repair, ACL Recon and ALL Recon, and have been doing physiotherapy with Mr Ferian in PhysioActive Dharmawangsa, twice a week, for 4 weeks now. My progress throughout the physiotherapy has been going really well that it even exceeded my expectations as Mr Ferian has been really professional and detailed with the at-venue exercises and at-home exercises. I'm thankful that Mr Ferian also thoroughly helped answer all my worries and questions for me to get a better understanding on everything. The receptionists are really nice, and the services that Physioactive Dharmawangsa provides are really satisfactory and helpful. The place is very neat and clean, giving off an aesthetic yet also calm ambience. Definitely recommending PhysioActive Dharmawangsa for those who are searching for physiotherapy sessions with professional physiotherapists 😊👍 https://goo.gl/maps/FxqfcH7KE6U9mDMg7
  • Montserrat Alejandra Fuentes Carrasco
  • Walter Ojeda
    I totally recommend this place for any kind of physiotherapy needed. The place is super clean and all the staff are very professional. My therapies were done always on time. Ibu Ika, treated me with tennis elbow pain. I went to many places before and did not see any results. I have been treated by her for a couple of session and i am almost 100% pain free. She is cordial, professional and sweet. Dont hesitate to get an appointment if you are looking into this place services. https://goo.gl/maps/KdKxMa79TEia6wMu9
  • Debora Ulibasa
    Highly recommend Physioactive for your physiotherapy and Abi as a great theraphist! Manage to recover from sacrolitis by doing regular therapy session at Physioactive. Abi was a great therapist, helping thoroughly with recovery and exercise at the clinic and at home. It was a great experience overall! https://maps.app.goo.gl/QrCnxWkUGXP2NR8g7
  • Theresia Mangundap
    Exciting Therapy Exercise I know Diogo many years ago because he’s active in gyms activity and me too. Can’t miss go to gym every single day. And boom pandemic hit. I stopped go to gym just did exercise at home. But slowly but sure (actually I didn’t want to sure 😂) because of my scoliosis, stopped exercise and weight and core training gave very bad impact to my L4L5. It felt so painful and stiff from my lower back till leg sometimes till the neck. And my doctor gave me recommendation to train with Diogo. First 2 weeks trained with him (twice a week) I felt many improvement, beside trained twice a week,Diogo gave me some homework to do it by myself . He is so concern of every person train with him and it gave me so much confidence that I can be back to train like I used to do it. Because I couldn’t do weight training anymore, only swimming and for me it’s so frustrating. Now after 5 months trained with Diogo. Here I am 😍😍😍😍😍. Almost can do everything that I can’t do before. Bonus I get back my body shape and muscle again 😂. Ouw one more thing. Train with Diogo it’s soooooo much fun, very exciting. 1 hour I think not enough 😂😂😂. But be carefull he can be so persistent to push you to your limit, but this is so good so we’ll even know better our body Last word thank you so much from the deep of my heart. So happy I can do snatch again 😂😂😂😂 https://maps.app.goo.gl/dp4mtjfgYDZ8j54y5

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective treatment forms. That’s why it is a core element for all conditions we treat at PhysioActive.

Depending on the severity of your injury your muscle function will always decrease to a certain degree. Exercise therapy improves your strength, mobility, stability and coordination, which will help you with a better and faster recovery. We will provide you with an exercise program which is specifically designed to suit your particular injury needs. Our therapists will guide you safely through the program and will focus on a high quality performance.

Exercise therapy helps with many problems including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Postural problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • General deconditioning

To make the treatment even more effective your therapist will provide a home exercise program, which you will need to do in between the sessions. This will help to speed up you recovery, prevent reoccurrence and it will reduce the need for multiple treatment sessions.

We often recommend continuing with a specific exercise program after your final visit to optimize your condition and to prevent reoccurrence. If you have trouble keeping up with this program or you would like to have supervision with the exercises to avoid wrong performance we do offer regular check-ups and personal training. We also provide home visits for patients who need guidance with pool-exercises and gym work.