• Shanker Kathigasu
    I would highly recommend this place. My physiotherapy, Ms. Ika is very professional .She able to explain and apply technique which is very efficient and unique. I was having issue with my lower back, after the treatment i felt better. https://goo.gl/maps/tyBYsmwtBPRnHJhq8
  • Intan Hadidinata
    Excellent physiotherapy clinic. Professional service and kind therapists. Good WA response. Was recommended Mba Ika and she did not disappoint. Knowledgable, kind and informative. Will be going back for more treatment as the first one already helped so much! https://goo.gl/maps/ZRm2DAR4K2LQPi6S8
  • Jessica Rusadi
    totally recommend this place! my husband had a stiff and painful muscle on his back for more than 2 years. we have gone to a few of physiotherapy clincis and even to the hospital, and it didn’t get any better at all. Until we went here, even after the first session, he already felt so much better. And our physiotherapist Timothy said we didn’t have to come back after the second session. Definitely not money oriented, because i know some places usually ask us to come several times on purpose. https://goo.gl/maps/9ifHnkSG3MyjLUQx6
  • Lenah Susianty
    Very friendly and professional. Dina who looked after me is very knowledgeable. I trusted her completely. I recommend this place and Dina especially. https://goo.gl/maps/WhxcJyEPNrHa1jZW9
  • Dina Angkawibawa
  • Ruben Hattari
    Thank you for the super treatment and friendly service. I injured my shoulder and neck from excessive workout - extremely gladful that Ika, my therapist, was able to sort out the pain after 2 treatments. PhysioActive Dharmawangsa is highly recommended for anyone recovering from sporting injuries or simply want to look after their physique. https://goo.gl/maps/fj3CsPh7EgaJ6d3c7
  • Merry Couper
    It’s been my third sessions here and Kak Ferian was so helpful with his skill and professionalism and also the exercises. He has helped me with lower back problem and my tennis elbow. Hopefully after I completed my sessions I will feel even better. Thank you. https://goo.gl/maps/QMzVnWVXGNjqvSMk8
  • Yulinar Elfrida
    Datang dengan pinggang yang sakit kalau tiap squat,dan setelah 2 Minggu terapi dengan Mba Ika rasa sakit di pinggang jauh berkurang tiap squat,malah ga ada rasa sakit sama sekali.Thanks Phisioactive thanks mba Ika https://goo.gl/maps/fEqugL51JQFMzyZw9
  • Trisha Kirpalani
    physioactive is not only a physiology center that strives to assist those in pain, but it is a life changing experience that will never make you reconsider your decision. for the last eight years ive struggled with backaches and neck/shoulder aches. from chiropractors to essential oils, nothing could fix it. there were temporary solutions that numbed the pain, however the pain would bounce back stronger after twenty minutes. i never believed in physiotherapy. i thought it was for old people and it was useless, time consuming and not worth the money. After 1 session at physioactive jakarta, i knew i was 80% better. the workers there are kind and supportive and truly care about your wellbeing & health. they want you to be disciplined for YOU and your health. i will stop flying to singapore for my physiological check ups because i found a perfect one here: physioactive. https://goo.gl/maps/saiTKCsvbguRsoJy5
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth
    I think it is one of the best physiotherapy in Jakarta (at least better than Physio M*****l C****c). Going there for 2x already but can feel the difference from day 1. The dry needle technique from Bu Ika is really help me to reduce my neck stiffness. Still need going there to relieve pain on my arms. She is able to find out the problem although in my case, there might be more than one root causes but still better than not finding anything. Love how they apply the technology as part of their service. We can see our exercises that need to be done on the app. It is really helpful (although it needs some improvement). The receiptionist is wonderful too. Meet 2 different people and both are great at service. Love on how they treat us and offer us a drink https://goo.gl/maps/J6uxowjwGSxupbBD8
  • Stevanie Herlambang
    This place is amazing! I was struggling with neck pain for years and after seeing Mrs Ika just a couple times she completely fixed it, She made my recovery a priority with frequent follow-ups and useful home exercises. She also showed me how to help prevent the same injuries occurring in the future. Everyone there is super lovely as well and make booking appointments so easy - couldn't recommend this place enough! Definitely i had a great experience. https://goo.gl/maps/JiBe1cEq4JjRuc5Y6
  • Yusak Yosefianus
    I was recommended by my friend to try this one. They have great therapist and customer service. They are expert on what they're doing. Help me to get to know my posture problem and how to fix it. Recommended to try. https://goo.gl/maps/nHGdG6nE87kEuyZs7
  • Brent Elemans
    Great service and treatment. In no time my physical problem was solved. Thanks a lot. https://goo.gl/maps/TnPqbfR78A6muAwC8
  • Retnadi Soraya
    The terapist is very proffesional and experince. Recommended place for physioteraphy https://goo.gl/maps/qKWBjW9iUZW8ur2G9
  • Yongky Kristando
    Excellent service & explanation with Timothy! He was able to identify specific root cause & provided daily routine to improve flexibility. Reservation was smooth. Highly recommended https://goo.gl/maps/aR6TzR7yDd9Jw82k9
  • Tracy Lim (Director )
    I attended PhysioActive following a cervical neck surgery in July 2017 and was introduced to PhysioActive by my doctor. Diana is professional, highly knowledgeable and passionate about her patient's recovery and progress. I want to thank her for the fast recovery and the confidence to play golf again!
  • Brian Tan
    I've had muscle pain/stiffness on my left trapeze to middle back for quite a long time. I tried acupuncture, chiropractic, chinese massage, but no result so far. The dry needle technique that PhysioActive offers caught my attention and decided to give it a try. They twitched the targeted muscle to release tensions and it doesn't hurt. The next day after the treatment, I could feel great relief on the treated site. A shout out for my cool physiotherapist, Timothy. He would always listen attentively and take really good care of my problems 🙂 https://g.co/kgs/H171yC
  • Radinda Kush
    The best physio in town i'v ever met, the staff are really hv like an impeccable manners and helpful. They have 3 phisyo and 2 trainer (cmiiw). Although They hv US and several macchine for therapy, treatment mostly use physical training and massage / releasing muscle. I'm patient with Hnp grade 1 and several muscle injuries and handled by mrs. Ika, a senior physio. Actually I already tried several different physio place, but mrs ika is the best, I thought she has a magical hand, she release my very sore muscle with minimum pain, but maximum result. After 5 met I felt really far better. They also give exercise by an app and you can make free consultation on the app. Mrs ika also allow me reach her by Whatsapp for further consultation. Even I still not injury free now, but i know visiting physio active is a right choices! https://goo.gl/maps/q2MbgncFpseLLegy6
  • Brent Hyde-Smith
    Timothy was excellent, great interpersonal skills, he quickly & professionally diagnosed the cause of the problem and resolved the issue in the forst consultation with a follow up action plan. Great service all round.   https://goo.gl/maps/Xi7RUWkLKM2y6Mfc8  
  • Kalsa Naira
    Highly recommend this place! I suffered with scoliosis and a lot of back pain and just after a few sessions, Ms. Ika has managed to fix my body posture and relieve my back pain. The home exercises she assigned are very helpful too! Everyone here is so kind and lovely, and the place has great hospitality and service overall. Really enjoyed my experience here. Thank you! https://goo.gl/maps/6rBYjNmzgZHBienC6
  • Franck Passillier
    Excellent treatments, fully dedicated teams and very attentive. I do recommend PhysioActive, your online application to exercise at home is a must. Keep going! Franck   https://goo.gl/maps/CJ6ptQAyV5M1sKmc8
  • Jacob Fourie
    Highly recommend PhysioActive, I suffered from severe shoulder pain for 3 months and Tim had me fixed in one session and gave me exercises to practice on. Honestly this is the most professional and friendliest place you can go. https://goo.gl/maps/UYTmkW5eWFtRx2c56
  • Ihsanuddin Usman
    Great service and well experienced physiotherapist. Very recommended https://goo.gl/maps/xsBk63Fktedt8MvC8
  • Anargya Rasya Alanza
    One of the best Physiotherapy i've ever went to. https://goo.gl/maps/a1NToqgrKLxgf4sV8
  • Kristanto Parulian
    Perfect place to fixed your aching and stiff joints. The place is perfect, super clean and the staffs are very professional. The 1st time, wasn't sure if I came to the right place to fix my aching amd stiff joints, but I end up keep coming to fix even minor aching that I feel 😁 Very helpful and recommended. https://goo.gl/maps/uLgZdBNhKm4sa7TRA
  • Walter Ojeda
    I totally recommend this place for any kind of physiotherapy needed. The place is super clean and all the staff are very professional. My therapies were done always on time. Ibu Ika, treated me with tennis elbow pain. I went to many places before and did not see any results. I have been treated by her for a couple of session and i am almost 100% pain free. She is cordial, professional and sweet. Dont hesitate to get an appointment if you are looking into this place services. https://goo.gl/maps/KdKxMa79TEia6wMu9

Perawatan Leher & Punggung

Sakit pada leher dan punggung dapat disebabkan oleh sejumlah cedera dan kondisi termasuk kekakuan, cedera, kelainan bawaan, dan penyakit yang berkaitan dengan usia. Sayangnya, rasa sakit bukan satu-satunya gejala masalah leher dan punggung. Karena sebagian besar sinyal saraf tubuh melewati sumsum tulang belakang, cedera tulang belakang dan penyakit dapat dengan mudah menyebabkan disfungsi gerakan juga.

Pendekatan Perawatan Nyeri Punggung PhysioActive

Perawatan yang terampil dari ahli sakit leher dan punggung adalah kunci untuk menghilangkan masalah Anda. Kami secara efektif menangani hampir semua masalah kondisi tulang belakang atau kondisi yang menyebabkan Anda sakit punggung atau kondisi yang membatasi gerakan dan aktivitas Anda melalui banyak pilihan perawatan termasuk terapi olahraga, fisioterapi, dan pijat.

Gaya hidup kita yang modern sering menyebabkan masalah leher dan punggung. Ini sanagat berlaku untuk penggunaan perangkat seluler dan duduk dalam waktu yang lama saat di kantor. Postur kepala ke depan dengan didorong oleh beberapa aktivitas yang menempatkan sejumlah besar ketegangan di leher dan punggung Anda. Faktanya, postur kepala yang maju kedepan (bungkuk) dapat menyebabkan tekanan ekstra hingga 14 kg pada tulang belakang Anda.

Inilah sebabnya mengapa PhysioActive memberikan pelatihan postur selain perawatan nyeri leher dan punggung lainnya. Terapis ahli kami akan membimbing Anda pada ergonomi yang tepat dan postur yang baik untuk menghilangkan rasa sakit dan mencegah masalah di masa depan.

Penyebab Umum Nyeri Punggung dan Nyeri Leher

Ketika anatomi tulang belakang mengalami perubahan, itu dapat menyebabkan sakit punggung kronis, alasannya cukup beragam. Seringkali, keausan normal mempengaruhi satu atau lebih sendi tulang belakang lumbar, menyebabkan penyakit sendi degeneratif. Selain itu, tidak jarang gel di dalam sendi bocor ke luar, memengaruhi akar saraf, sendi, atau otot di sekitarnya. Dalam beberapa kasus, nyeri punggung timbul dari masalah dengan vertebra dan sendi, seperti:

  • Stenosis tulang belakang
  • Spondylolisthesis isthmic
  • Disfungsi sendi sacroiliac

Faktor risiko umum untuk sakit punggung yakni obesitas, usia lanjut, merokok, duduk atau berdiri yang berkepanjangan, dan angkat beban. Secara keseluruhan, segala aktivitas atau faktor gaya hidup yang memberi tekanan berlebihan pada tulang belakang dapat menyebabkan rasa sakit.

Selanjutnya, sakit leher juga dapat terjadi karena berbagai alasan dan melibatkan jaringan di bagian tubuh. Contoh penyakit dan gangguan yang menyebabkan nyeri leher:

  • Infeksi virus di tenggorokan
  • Ketegangan pada leher
  • Saraf terjepit
  • Penyakit degeneratif sendi tulang punggung
  • Herniasi sendi tulang punggung

Terkadang otot itu sendiri dipengaruhi oleh kondisi yang menyebabkan masalah – misalnya polymyalgia, rheumatica, dan fibromyalgia. Alasan lain yang mungkin adalah posisi yang tidak nyaman saat tidur.

Beberapa faktor risiko untuk rasa sakit yang terletak di leher termasuk kecelakaan kendaraan bermotor, berkuda, olahraga kontak, dan menunggang banteng

Pertanyaan yang Sering Diajukan

  • Bagaimana saya merawat punggung dan leher saya?

    Dari 8 dari 10 orang akan mengalami masalah punggung dalam suatu waktu di hidup mereka, nyeri punggung yang berulang dari mekanika tubuh yang tidak tepat seringkali dapat dicegah.

    Belajarlah untuk mempertahankan postur yang tepat, angkat benda dengan benar, dan hindari gerakan mendadak yang meregangkan punggung. Pengaturan ruang lingkup kerja yang ergonomis dapat juga mengurangi ketidaknyamanan dan mencegah gangguan muskuloskeletal yang berhubungan dengan pekerjaan.

  • Bagaimana Anda merawat cedera Whiplash?

    Ya, fisioterapi adalah pilihan yang efektif untuk whiplash, suatu kondisi di mana jaringan lunak di leher Anda rusak. Fisioterapi dapat membantu meningkatkan sirkulasi darah, mengurangi kejang otot, dan mendukung penyembuhan pada jaringan leher.

    Fisioterapis Anda dapat menggunakan berbagai perawatan pasif untuk whiplash termasuk Deep Tissue Massage (Tusuk Jarum Kering)Terapi Exercise, dan Termoterapy & Krioterapi.

  • Apakah sakit punggung itu umum saat penuaan?

    Nyeri kronis yang ada setiap hari setidaknya selama enam bulan bisa sangat banyak karena faktor-faktor lain seperti pilihan gaya hidup dan bukan penuaan.

    Orang yang lebih tua sering tidak mencari bantuan untuk rasa sakit yang “diharapkan” sampai kondisi mereka berubah jadi lebih memburuk.

    Rasa sakit itu tidak normal, juga bukan bagian dari kehidupan. Dapatkan diagnosis dan rencana perawatan yang tepat dari ahli fisioterapi hari ini jika Anda menderita sakit punggung.

  • Saya mengalami sakit punggung saat duduk terlalu lama di kantor. Apakah saya harus khawatir?

    Ketidaknyamanan yang menyeluruh dan rasa sakit di leher, punggung, dan bahu adalah gejala umum yang dilaporkan oleh karyawan yang duduk hampir sepanjang hari kerja mereka.

    Duduk mengubah kelengkungan normal tulang belakang dan memberi tekanan pada sendi. Dengan duduk yang lama, kompresi sumsum tulang belakang pada tingkat tulang belakang leher dapat terjadi, menyebabkan kelemahan dan pemborosan anggota tubuh bagian atas. Ini kemudian dapat menyebar ke anggota tubuh bagian bawah, mengakibatkan nyeri punggung kronis dan kemungkinan kerusakan saraf.

    Selain beristirahat setidaknya sekali setiap jam untuk berjalan-jalan di sekitar kantor atau melakukan peregangan, Anda juga dapat mendatangi spesialis a href=”https://www.physioactive.id/our-services/corporate-health-ergonomics/”>Corporate Health & Ergonomics untuk membantu mengurangi risiko gangguan muskuloskeletal terkait pekerjaan (WMSD).

  • Apa yang akan terjadi apabila saya mengabaikan rasa sakit pada leher dan punggung saya?

    Sakit pada leher dan punggung bisa menyebabkan ketidaknyamanan yang umum namun penting untuk mencari bantuan seseorang yang profesional ketika rasa sakit itu berlanjut.

    Sakit yang tidak diobati dapat menimbulkan ketegangan ekstra pada kelompok otot lain yang mencoba mengimbangi kekurangan kelompok otot. Ini bisa menyebabkan efek domino di mana Anda memicu rasa sakit di bagian tubuh lain sebagai akibat dari kompensasi yang berlebihan.