Revolutionizing Joint Health: Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery and Physiotherapy

Welcome to the latest edition of our Singapore Surgeon Insight Series. Today, we’re exploring the innovative world of reverse shoulder replacement surgery, with a special focus on the role of physiotherapy in postoperative recovery. We had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Ruben Manohara, a renowned specialist in orthopedic surgery from Singapore, who sheds light on this life-changing procedure.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

The Advancements in Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Reverse shoulder replacement surgery represents a significant advancement in orthopedic treatment. This technique is especially beneficial for patients with shoulder conditions that traditional shoulder surgeries cannot address. Dr. Manohara explains that in reverse shoulder replacement, the ball and socket of the shoulder joint are reversed, enabling functionality even when the rotator cuff is not intact.

Ideal Candidates

This surgery is particularly effective for older patients, typically those over 65, with specific shoulder issues. Dr. Manohara outlines the indications for the surgery, which include:

This procedure offers a ray of hope for those who have not found relief through conventional treatments.

The Crucial Role of Physiotherapy in Recovery

Postoperative care, specifically physiotherapy, plays a pivotal role in the success of the surgery. Dr. Manohara emphasizes the importance of physiotherapy in helping patients regain mobility and strength post-surgery. At PhysioActive, we specialize in providing tailored rehabilitation programs to ensure optimal recovery and a return to daily activities.

Navigating the Surgical Process

Dr. Manohara takes us through the surgical process, highlighting the importance of a thorough pre-surgical evaluation and the necessity of a brief hospital stay. The postoperative care includes diligent wound monitoring and an immediate start to physiotherapy, which is critical for effective rehabilitation.

Expert Insights

Dr. Manohara’s expertise in reverse shoulder replacement surgery underscores its benefits and suitability for the right candidates. He also stresses that while this surgery offers significant improvements in quality of life, it is not a universal solution and should be considered carefully, especially for younger patients.

Making an appointment

For more information on reverse shoulder replacement surgery and to explore your options, you can contact Dr. Ruben Manohara directly. And for those seeking postoperative physiotherapy, whether in Singapore or Indonesia, PhysioActive is here to assist you in your recovery journey.

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