Dr Wang Lushun: Robotic Knee Surgery promises better outcomes and faster recovery

Robotic Knee Replacement is more and more used nowadays as opposed to a conventional knee replacement, offering several advantages. This interview we had with Dr Wang Lushun explains exactly what they are and the benefits this brings.

Dr Wang Lushun performing robotic knee surgery

Dr Wang Lushun performing robotic knee surgery

Rosa Robotic Knee Assistant

The ROSA Knee System is a robotic surgical assistant developed by Zimmer Biomet that allows surgeons to carry out knee replacement procedures with greater precision.
In general, the surgical procedure using the ROSA knee system is like a traditional total knee replacement. The surgery is performed entirely by the surgeon by prompting the robot (the assistant) as per the personalized plan, with a high degree of precision, developed by your surgeon. During the surgery, the ROSA Knee utilizes optical trackers and a mini camera attached to the leg to determine the exact position of the knee in space. Throughout the procedure, the surgeon is provided with real-time data by the ROSA Knee System, which enhances the surgeon’s skill enabling accurate placement of the knee implant.


Rosa Robotic Assistant

Rosa Robotic Assistant

Advantages of the ROSA Robotic Total Knee Replacement

Being a minimally invasive approach, the ROSA knee system offers the following benefits:

  • Smaller incisions with reduced scarring and minimal blood loss
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Shorter hospital stay and recovery period
  • Quicker return to daily activities
  • Lower incidence of complications
  • Precise placement of the implant
  • Reduced injury to adjacent tissues
  • Increased longevity of the implant
Rosa Interface

Rosa Screen

Postoperative Care and Recovery

Recovery is quick as it is a minimally invasive procedure. In general, postoperative care and recovery involves:

  • Medication to manage the discomfort, stiffness and pain in the leg.
  • Instructions on surgical site care, and bathing
  • Recommendation of a balanced diet rich in iron supplements to help heal the wound and restore muscle strength.
  • Maintenance of healthy weight to minimize stress on the joint.
  • Refraining from smoking
  • Refraining from any strenuous activities requiring weight bearing.
  • Advice on a customized exercise regimen after a few weeks following surgery to strengthen leg muscles and improve range of motion.

Timeline for Recovery

The recovery period after surgery can last 6 months or even up to 12 months based on the sports you would like to get back into, the timeline below:

Robotic Knee Replacement Timeline

Robotic Knee Replacement Timeline

Making an appointment

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