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Podiatry: Biomechanics Assessment

Toe Joint Assessment

Toe Joint Assessment

A Biomechanical Podiatrist conducts a thorough assessment to examine the way your lower limbs work, which enables them to check for potential abnormalities and possible causes of foot pain, as well as pain in the ankle, knee and back. A biomechanics assessment should be considered because:

  1. People are rarely symmetrical and this lack of symmetry can affect the way one stands and moves on a daily basis.
  2. Mild deformities, such as bowed leg, one leg longer than the other (Leg Length Dispcepency), or torsion in the pelvis may not appear to have a detrimental impact, the body must compensate for these abnormalities when one stands, walks or runs.
  3. Problems such as very high or low foot arches, limb length discrepancy or a sports injury can result in compensatory movement when extra stress is placed upon joints, muscles and ligaments.

Foot pain issues that would suggest a need for an assessment, include:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How painful is a deep tissue massage?

    While deep tissue massage is intense, simply let your therapist know at any time if you’d like to decrease the pressure.

  • How does deep tissue massage help arthritis?

    Skilfully applied deep tissue massage can help soothe swollen and sore joints while breaking up scar tissue.

  • Can deep tissue massage help with flexibility?

    Yes! Deep tissue massage is an excellent technique to increase flexibility with arthritis or old injuries.

  • Is deep tissue massage appropriate for athletes?

    Yes, this massage technique can be very help for athletes, especially those suffering from injuries and sore muscles.

  • Can deep tissue massage help with my old shoulder injury?

    Yes! If you’ve suffered from frozen shoulder syndrome or a rotator cuff injury in the past, deep tissue massage sessions may help to restore range of motion to your shoulder.

    If lighter massage techniques haven’t worked for your symptoms, don’t give up! Contact us now to learn more about the benefits of deep tissue massage and schedule an appointment.